Exploring  the Astounding Impact of KINDNESS


This film is being created by a small team of individuals who are ready to make a difference on this planet.  We own a small, private company called  to manage this project and related endeavors using donations, sponsorships and sales of related products.  

Donating to this global gift to biomanity, will allow you to become part of a legacy.   This is more meaningful than any thing that you can buy at the mall.  It is something you can be proud of and take joy in knowing that you contributed to the greater good.   This movie will be translated into at least 6 languages and will be viewed all over the planet.   Give yourself a gift, and donate today.
This film is going to be funed by donations and personal funds.   The intent is for the betterment of the world and its inhabitants.   There is no expectation of profits from this endeavor.   If there is an unsurmountable obstacle that prevents us from achieving the goal, the $ will be donated to Life Vest Inside and Greater Good Science Center.